Additional Services

ResistALL - Interior/Exterior Sealant

Contact us for more details and vehicle qualifications. For more information, visit:

  • Seals/Protects Exterior Paint
  • Extends Interior Fabric Life
  • Creates Interior Stain Barrier on Vinyl/Leather
  • Comes with WARRANTY!

Restore a fresh-off-the-lot look to your car

Our detailing service will bring the shine back to your vehicle. We offer thorough detailing for all makes and models of vehicle. Our automotive detailing will not only make your car look like it is fresh off the lot, it can also add years to your car's exterior.

Window tinting will protect you from harmful UV rays and from nightime headlight glare. We offer a range of different window tinting options, so stop in to see our selection.

Take years of wear off of your vehicle

If the paint on your car has become chipped or faded, bring it to us for retouching. Another good way to improve the look of your car is with scratch blending and removal.

Our complete range of services includes:

  • Detailing
  • Paint Protection
  • Window tinting
  • Paint reconditioning and touch-up
  • Overspray removal
  • Scratch blending and removal
  • Wheel repair
  • Spot and odor removal


For more information on our Services and how we can BEST serve you, please call: 425-640-8468.